Introducing the 

Squeeze Play VIP Concert of the Month Club


For the first time EVER, you will have the capability to experience World Class Accordion Artists, Dan and Kim Christian (Squeeze Play) LIVE, delivered directly to your home!! With the magic of the internet, some amazing videography, lots of ingenuity and a dash of creativity, you will now have up close and personal concerts available on your computer screen, cell phone or smart TVs. 

Each month, Squeeze Play will perform a private concert that will be available for VIP Concert of the Month members Exclusively! The 2nd Saturday of each month at 2:00 will become the magical, energetic, amazing and just plain FUN virtual performance! You will not only experience the music, but you will also experience the beauty of each area visited on the screen. It will almost seem like you are truly visiting France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, and many different areas of the US. What more could you ask for! You will be travelling the World of Music without ever having to pack a bag, travel across the World, deal with traffic or any other impediments. It will indeed be a feast for the senses! You will start looking forward with great anticipation to the Squeeze Play Concert of the Month!


 Through this Concert series, Dan and Kim will be presenting a different genre and style of music each month that coincides with the Holidays celebrated that month, so you can plan on a PARTY - Celebration each month while experiencing your live concert! Along with the Theme of the Month, Squeeze Play will also deliver a few flashy and “showy” numbers so that there is never a dull moment. In fact, as a bonus, there will be a World Premier of Dan’s latest awesome arrangement(s) performed each month!!

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